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Connect is a multimedia company that focus on digital work that occupies a portion of two floors inside a multi office building located in New York. It is important for Connect to have a space high functioning space that encourages productivity, teamwork and is easy to navigate for clients visiting. The interior of Connect is inspired by geometric art becoming organic forms that relates to nature. As you enter and maneuver the space, the 2D geometric floor plan expands and unfolds in a way that was inspired by origami. This visual transformation was designed to inspire employees and to encourage collaboration between them. There are multiple lounge and communal areas throughout both floors because it is important for Connect to bring people together and to make stronger relationships. The Connect office is a vibrant place where employees and clients feel comfortable in a relaxed environment, but will also feel confident, inspired and excited to work and collaborate.






Julia Lambert

Cinicinnati, Ohio

Julia is 35, and has always been an entrepreneur at heart. She is from Ohio, and draws a lot of inspiration from her hometown of Cincinnati. Julia also commutes to work every day by car each day that takes about 15 minutes. She is interested in sustainable design and strives to live sustainably. She considering getting rid of her car and taking public transportation. Interior design is one of her passions and would love to design the office herself but does not have the time to do so. In her free time, she enjoys shopping. She is bubbly and excited about their company move to the High-line. She loves exploring the city and enjoys new experiences. Julia really enjoys the networking side of the business, making new connections and find new clientele.

Asher Edwards

Buffalo, New York

Asher is 37, and is from Buffalo, New York. Was promoted to his current position from being a creative director for Connect. He has a great relationship with Julia and Austin, and they have become very close friends. Asher is a husband and a father to two children. He enjoys physical activity and being outside often. He usually rides his bike to work every day because it’s a fairly short commute. He is a hard working individual who strives to always do his best and move forward in his career. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family, playing sports with his children and getting together with friends to have coffee or drinks on the weekends.

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Austin Tippery

Columbus, Ohio

Austin is 36, and is from Columbus, Ohio. He graduated college with Julia, and where they became best friends. From here, they collaborated and worked together to create Connect. Austin lives with his girlfriend of three years and is planning to propose to her soon. Austin rides his bike to work and strives to lead by example by having a balanced and healthy life. He loves to cook and to try new recipes, and is always bringing food in to the office for everyone to enjoy. In his free time Austin enjoys relaxing at home, going to the movies, and designing graphics for his friends and family.

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Zoey Parker

Danbury, Connecticut

Zoey is 25, and a newer member of the Connect family. She recently graduated from Ohio State University last spring. She lives alone in an apartment in New York and commutes to work via the subway. In her free time she enjoys going out with friends, attending yoga classes and shopping. She was hired on after being an intern for Julia last summer. She is still learning and is somewhat inexperienced, but she is able to catch on fast. Zoey gets along with everyone in the firm, and knew many of the employees, making her transition very easy. She works well with others, and thrives in group settings.

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First Floor Plan

1/8" = 1' - 0"

Second Floor Plan

1/8" = 1' - 0"

First Floor Diagram

Second Floor Diagram

Section 1 - South to North

1/4" = 1' - 0"

Section 2 - East to West

1/4" = 1' - 0"

Connect Reception 

Connect has an inviting atmosphere that is accompanied by vibrant patterns and colors. The angles within the space lead the eyes of guests back into the space encourage exploration.  

Connect Office Space


Connect has an open office layout with lots of windows that encourage productivity and collaboration between workers and clients. Employees are encouraged not only use conference rooms for collaboration but lounge areas

as well.

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