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Refraction of light is such a natural component to light that we see so often we do not often really think about. I took the opportunity to use this idea to test materials and forms to construct a container form that explored refracting light. I drew inspiration from light refracting from a prism to create an array of colors of the rainbow. I signified this in my container through the use colored epoxy resin hemi-spheres. These colors not only signify colors you would find coming from the prism, but it was also a test to see what colors refract better when exposed to light. Through the process of creating this form I found that a lot of my informed decisions came from two ideas: one being that my decisions had to fit with my concept and the other being from the outcome of the container acting as a functional lamp. Another key component to my design was to incorporate customization. I was able to achieve this with the help of a laser cutter that could cut precise circles into the lamp that allow for the epoxy hemi-spheres to be friction fitting. This allows them to be removed and replaced with other colors as wanted. 

Process / Prototypes

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