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The Short North District in Columbus, Ohio is rich in art galleries and restaurants that create a great atmosphere in which people can enjoy having dinner and discovering art. The Short North allows one to be exposed to many different media, but one thing that is missing from this experience is seeing the process that artists go through to make the final piece. Watershed Distillery has identified this problem and has expanded to the Short North into the restaurant/glass studio known as Vitreous. It offers a handcrafted experience that combines dining and the art of glassblowing in one space. The glass instillations gives a vibrant ambiance that mimics the color temperature of glass as it goes through the process of glass blowing. In the retail side of Vitreous an immersive experience is provided through demonstrations of glassblowing in the studio and other activities such as glass slumping and mixology classes.



Cold Room
Hot Room

1/8" = 1' - 0"

Floor Plan

1/8" = 1' - 0"

Reflected Celing Plan


Used to dipicted the retail, bar and dining areas of Vitreous before creating interior perspectives. These collages helped drive decisions when finalizing the floor plan and iinfluenced the inspiration for the lighting design  in the space as seen in the inteiror renderings. 

Section 2 - Dining / Restrooms

1/4" = 1' - 0"

Section 1 - Retail

1/4" = 1' - 0"

Section 3 - Hot Room / Dining / Bar

1/4" = 1' - 0"

Vitrous Dining 


Vitreous offers a unique dining experience that gives glimpses into the art of glassblowing as you move through the space. The glass fins transition from yellow to orange just as glass turns to orange when it heats up. Through the dining area there is a inlaid glass panel in the walls that are back lit, putting emphasis on the art of glass making. 

Vitrous Bar

The Vitreous bar and lounge is another unique space that connects to the dining area through the use of similar glass panels that transition yellow to orange. The cluster of lights above the lounge represent the beginning process of glassblowing. The columns are utilized as counters to add to the bar and lounge experience. 



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