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Franklinton TECH is an informative experience that allows teens and young adults to explore career paths for their future. This facility connects locals to professionals in Columbus through hands on experiences in the field of technology. Franklinton TECH uses digital walls in multiple applications that engage its community and encourages collaboration.


With a population of 10,245, only 40 percent have completed high school education. Among the population ages 16 to 35 only 37 percent are currently attending school and 35 percent are unemployed. Franklinton TECH located at 553 West Rich Street offers education with tech skills such as coding, app development and building hardware. Franklinton TECH is a social enterprise that is supported by a cafe and tech bar that offers tech services to the community as well as employment to community members. The goal for Franklinton TECH is to offer new experiences in technology and to allow community members to create connections with professionals that could advance their professional career.

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Site Map


Existing Condition





Highschool Graduates

Attending School

(16 to 35)


Ages (16 to 35)







The Student

The Local

The Young Professional

The GED Seeker

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Digital Usage

Digital Core





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First Floor Plan

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Second Floor Plan

Third Floor.png

Third Floor Plan


Cross Section

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Longitudinal Section

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Franklinton TECH Section View

The three floors of Franklinton TECH are all visually connected using a digital wall that spans all three floors. The first floor uses the digital screens to display product offerings at the cafe and wait times at the tech bar. On the second floor the community can interact with the screens to answer questions such as what events they would participate in at Franklinton TECH as well as giving feedback on how the facility is doing. The third floor uses the monitors more for community information such as displaying when and where events will occur. 

Franklinton TECH Coworking Space

The second floor of Franklinton TECH is used for coworking spaces along with semi-private meeting rooms. The digital wall on this floor engages with the community allows them to interact by answering questions. Franklinton Fridays is an event that happens once a month in Franklinton where businesses have an open house to show the community what they do to give back to the community. Franklinton TECH would become a part of this event and would use this second floor for demo rooms to show the community how they are helping others in the community. 

Fanklinton TECH.png

Franklinton TECH Exterior

Due the high interest in revitalization buildings within the Franklinton community the exterior of the building will be restored to look like the original facade. Updated fire codes will require the existing fire escape on the front of the building to removed.  Windows would be added to the first floor on the West side to give more natural light to the cafe within the facility. 

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