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Stocking Binder

While working as manager for the C-Store I recognized that a lot of employees would write down lists of products needed which can often be very time consuming. As a designer I am my interest in efficiency fueled my motivation to create a tool for employees to use to cut down on the time it takes to stock products. Through the collaboration with co-workers we were able develop planograms for each section of product in the store. Photos of each product were grabbed from the internet and placed in the same order as in the store. In addition, a white square next, each item was placed so that employees can write down the number needed to full stock each item. These planograms are laminated so that employees can use dry erase marks and easily wipe away after. These planograms were updated as we discontinued products, brought in new products, and when product placement changed. These were later updated to show the quantity of each item that fits on the shelf so that employees could easily determined the number each product needed. 

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